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David Johnston former CFO has over thirty years of senior financial leadership experience

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David Johnston former CFO is a highly regarded financial expert and former CFO for various Massachusetts biotech and life sciences companies. In 2019, he founded dbj Consulting LLC, providing fractional CFO services to small, emerging life sciences companies that cannot yet afford a full-time, experienced CFO.

Johnston believes that having part-time C-level executives is beneficial for both the firms and the executives. His firm offers the services of an experienced CFO on a fractional part-time basis, helping companies build financial relationships, manage financial resources, provide financial planning advice, and increase accountability in the business. Companies pay part-time CFOs hourly or flat-fee basis and only for their work hours. This allows companies to hire an experienced part-time CFO for less than they would pay a full-time one.

As a frequent blogger and author, Johnston shares his expertise on topics related to biotechnology and finance. Some of his articles have appeared on Medium, Tumblr, the Buckeye Business Review, DrBioScience, and other online business and medical sites.

Before founding dbj Consulting LLC, Johnston served in senior-level finance jobs with life sciences companies since 1998. He won many awards for his financial and strategic insight. His first life sciences finance position was senior vice president of corporate finance, corporate planning, and analysis for Genzyme. Afterwards, he served as CFO for two Boston-based multinational corporations seeking drugs to treat and cure cancer.

Johnston's consulting firm has helped many small emerging life sciences companies develop and implement action plans efficiently. His disciplined and professional approach and bit of humour have proven successful for entrepreneurs seeking strategic advice.

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