June 26, 2022

Biotechnology Applications

    David Johnston CFO pointed out that, We’ve all heard about genetically modified crops, edible vaccines, and translational medicine, but do we really understand the applications of biotechnology? Here are some examples: Translational medicine by David Johnston CFO There are many functional interactions required in translational medicine, and the process of translating discoveries into […]

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Dave Johntson
January 13, 2022

The Finance 101 of Funding the Life Science Mission – Private Funding

by David Johnston  Your biotech has great science and great people. You’re ready to move forward, right? There is just a little problem with money. Actually, it’s a big problem because you need a lot of it.  Yes, a general rule of thumb is that it can often take up to $1 billion to get […]

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Science Technology
October 16, 2021

David Johnston CFO Explains How Hiring a Part-Time CFO Can Help Your Small Biotech Company

Hiring a Part-Time CFO Can Help Your Small Biotech Company According to David Johnston CFO You may think that CFOs are for big businesses that have a large budget and plenty of administrative staff. However, a part-time CFO can be very beneficial for a small biotech company, according to David Johnston CFO. What Does a […]

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